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The Horizon Project relies on multiple sources for each piece of information from resources past and present. If any information does not agree with the rest, it is resolved by scientific committee with all known information. Never before has a research team with this level of effectiveness and capability been utilized solely for discovering answers to life's most crucial questions. These are but three of over a hundred researchers and contributors.

» Brent Miller - Host
» Dr. Brooks Agnew - Physicist
» Michael Tsarion - Ancient Civilizations Expert
» Additional Resources and Experts

As an innovator for technical accomplishment, Brent Miller is considered an expert in ecommerce systems by IBM as well as advanced programming, database systems and business methodology. Over the years, Mr. Miller has personally amassed over thirty United States patents for advancements in human interface recognition software, artificial intelligence applications and data transmission protocols and analysis. Mr. Miller has also held executive positions in several New York based fortune 500 companies. His interests thus far have moved him through several industry segments including finance, medicine, computers, robotics, and energy.

During Mr. Miller's astounding career, he was consistently identified as an intellectual key within each industry he was involved. Military contracted organizations utilized Mr. Miller for advancing the capability of modern warfare - often assigning him to classified engagements included the design, enhancement and incorporation of the artificial intelligence systems into the F-16 fighter jet program.

Despite these accomplishments, Mr. Miller's focus was to devote his amassed knowledge and skill to answering life's most important questions. As a result, Mr. Miller now has a life-long dedication to The Horizon Project Research Team; working with many of the world's top researchers and scientists to unlock the greatest mysteries of our world.

Dr. Agnew is an author of more than a 100 articles and papers on subjects ranging from radiation spectroscopy to transdimensional movement through spacetime and theories regarding fields of advanced mathematics and physics. Dr. Agnew was a featured scientist in the 1997 Wendy Robbins documentary on HAARP. He holds multiple patents in chemistry and also teaches mathematics at Gaston College in North Carolina.

Dr. Agnew has conducted over 30 years of combined research in advanced spectroscopy and providing invaluable contributions to several research organizations. He is currently heading up plans for a North Pole expedition this July for scientific research.

Dr. Agnew has co-authored two landmark publications on the creation of the earth, The Ark of Millions of Years, Volumes One and Two."

Michael Tsarion is a Seattle based researcher with over 20 years of expertise in the study of lost civilizations and technologies.

As a renowned author for publications addressing several lost keys to understanding ancient human history, Michael Tsarion is also the producer of "Origins and Oracles", a popular series that explores the mysteries of our ancient past.

The list of scientific contributors and research individuals is growing each day. HERE is a partial list of several contributors and research sources which are also listed within the trailing credits of DVD 01.

The Horizon Project has been featured on many media networks and news articles.
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